Something To Ponder

by Rev. Charles J. Stewart, Pastor

Is there a need for a healing anywhere in your life? In your home, family, city, state, country? God has four instructional requirements that need to be met for this to become a reality in your life: (1) Humility, (2) Prayer, (3) Repentance, and (4) 180-Degree Turn (Turn from your present lifestyle and turn to God).

God says when these four conditions are met, then He promises to do three things: (1) He will hear from heaven, (2) He will forgive sin, and (3) He will heal the land. When the world around us (as we know and understand it) is crumbling and plague​d with chaos, the people of God need to turn to God. God is waiting to hear from you!

2 Chronicles 7:12-15