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Bible Study

Our Pastor, Reverend Charles J. Stewart, leads a dynamic bible study on Wednesday evenings. The powerful word of God is expounded upon in an easy to understand manner, in an atmosphere where questions are encouraged and getting to know God's Word is the goal.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of truth., 
2 Timothy 2:15

St. Luke Ministries

Voices of St. Luke

The Voices of St. Luke render spiritual songs of praise that will encourage others and help in uplifting the word of God.

Ushers & Nurses

Our Ushers & Nurses ministry serve and support the church and the Pastor during all services and activities requiring the Ushers and/or Nurses.

Sunday School

Our Sunday School  ministry teach the word of God so it makes a difference in the lives of people. They teach the church doctrine because it is the word of God.

Deaconess & Mother's Board


This Laymen ministry seeks to get more Brothers involved in church activities; train all officers in performing the prescribed duties of the laymen Auxiliary positions.

Deaconess & Mother's Board 

The Deaconess & Mother's Board ministry  assist the Pastor in all areas deemed necessary; including church program planning and ministry.

Christian Education

The purpose of this ministry is to assist the Pastor in all areas deemed necessary; including church program planning and ministry.

Women of Grace

The purpose of this ministry is to serve and support the Pastor, members, and activities of the St. Luke MBC.

Young Adult

The purpose of this ministry is to engage and encourage our young adults to learn more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and to embody the behavior of devoted christians.


Our Youth ministry win young people for Christ and develop a growing youth mission that fosters wholesome christian attitudes, behaviors and patterns.


Our Culinary ministry serves the members of God's church family through nourishing the body coupled with the ministry of warmth, kindness, helpfulness and love.

Wilbur F. Crayton Scholarship

The Scholarship ministry embodies the dream of Wilbur F. Crayton by helping further the education of committed and active Christians.


Our Mission ministry teaches and train workers to carry out the mandate of the church as established in Matthew 28:18-20  by providing ongoing training for effective witnessing and discipleship.

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